Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Forrester Sounds the Digital Marketing Alarm

The years change but the marketing plans pretty much stay the same, according to recent research from Forrester. Many companies have marketing mixes that are fairly set in stone. In-person events such as conferences have existed pretty much ever since the term marketing was invented. While conferences have their definite pros, digital came along about a decade ago as a revolution in how marketers promote their brands. Content marketing was an evolution of that, as a new way to show value, and in return, capture attention.

The tools and technologies available to marketers have evolved. But has spending?

“When it comes to spending trends, we see little change in B2B program plans from 2015 to 2016. In-person events, digital marketing, and content marketing once again captured the top three spots in our 2015 survey, consuming over 40% of working dollars.” – Forrester Research

2016 B2B Budget Plans Show That It’s Time For A Digital Wakeup Call

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In-person events as well as digital and content marketing are all great ways to stimulate lead generation and bring in more revenue, so it’s no surprise to see that they still get the most investments. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But what if the picture isn’t so pretty? Are these three strategies really working out for you? If you answered no to that last question, it turns out you’re really not alone.

“B2B marketers remain gloomy about their ability to show definitive outcomes: 56% admit they still struggle to attribute program spending to revenue results, and 52% say it’s difficult to demonstrate a clear return on marketing investment.” – Forrester Research

Simply put, if you can’t even show that what you are doing is bringing in more money, you’re going to have a very hard time justifying bigger budgets.

If you find yourself in that majority, don’t despair! It’s just time to stop hitting the snooze button on the proverbial marketing alarm clock. It’s also time to stop simply dipping your toe in digital and take the plunge. If your priority isn’t already to make digital your biggest marketing spend, it should be. If you’re not sure how to make that happen or want to dig further into B2B marketing budget trends, read this report, and learn:

  • Where B2B marketers are wasting the most money
  • Why you need to focus marketing plans and execution on digital
  • How to use analytics to improve digital execution
  • How to linking digital marketing to business results.
  • How to manage digital engagement across the customer life cycle


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