Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New from Forrester: Building a Predictable Lead-To-Revenue System

There was a time when marketing was considered a cost center. Unable to determine what impact their segment of the business was having on the bottom line, marketers fought hard to prove their worth.

Now, marketing has earned its spot at the table with more and more marketing execs committed to pipeline and revenue performance.

But with increased recognition comes increased pressure to deliver on specific results.

Forrester Report: Understanding the Performance Levers in Your Lead-to-Revenue System

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“How can we double our SAL count by next year?” or “What will it take to increase marketing’s contribution to pipeline by 5%?”

B2B marketers need to understand the causes and effects of their marketing in order to accurately predict the outcome.

Forrester suggests that it is, in fact, feasible to accurately predict the outcome of your marketing efforts if you take an analytical approach to understanding the key performance drivers.

As Lori Wizdo, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester says “B2B CMOs must step up to building a standardized lead-to-revenue process because a well-designed and documented process enables scalability, roots out excess cost, improves marketing execution, and provides the basis for continuous incremental improvement.”

Dive in to this report to explore techniques from results-based management to help identify drivers of marketing results and determine marketing’s impact on each component of revenue performance: volume, velocity, and value.

Lead-to-Revenue Performance

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